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Alpha-Freethinkers and the Flying Broom

It was that time again – the first Alpha-Med leadership conference this year. An eventful conference in Göttingen, which had a lot to offer. Our business unit manager Ingo Wiegers started on 28 March in the “valley of tears” and then left it on 29.03. with an emotional feedback.

But now let’s take it one step at a time. Regional managers, branch managers, marketing and external guests were part of an instructive, productive and entertaining meeting. Mr Wiegers talked about developments and offered insights into different areas of the company. One of our IT service providers had the opportunity to present themselves and the product they had brought with them – the enthusiasm was clearly noticeable. But we were far from finished. A review of the year from the marketing department and project evaluations provided plenty of flashbacks and aha effects. The second presentation was not long in coming. Our team leader for social media and website, Dennis Manka, gave an entertaining presentation of himself to the colleagues shortly before closing time.

Acquisition and sales dominated the second day of the conference. In groups, our managers had the challenge of selling sand in the Sahara, a Nokia 8110 to Apple and flying brooms to Lufthansa – it went great! By the way, the broom was test flown straight away. The message from these exercises on the second day was to jump over one’s own shadow and think “out of the box” in acquisition. Thus, a successful conference came to an end and our managers went home with joy for future development and a lot of patience.

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