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About Us
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Personal closeness for the success of the AlphaConsult Group

Personal closeness for the success of the AlphaConsult Group

It is a matter close to our hearts to maintain a close relationship with our employees – even in times of steady growth. For the AlphaConsult Group, with over 7,000 employees and 170 offices, it is important that every individual feels valued and supported.

We have set ourselves the goal of creating an environment where every employee is heard and supported, even though we are a company of this size. Our first action is to ensure that our managers have regular contact with their colleagues. We encourage our employees to have one-on-one conversations that focus not only on professional development, but also on our employees’ individual needs and goals. These conversations provide space for questions, feedback, and the assurance that their voice is heard by us.

To maintain personal closeness with our employees, we regularly organize team-building activities and company events. These provide space for informal conversations and relationship building across departmental boundaries.

As a company with over 7,000 employees and 170 offices, we know that personal closeness with our employees is crucial. We are proud to maintain this connection and support our employees in reaching their full potential.

Our employees are the cornerstone of our success, and we are committed to creating an environment where they feel valued and supported. By continually building a personal connection with our employees, we strengthen our company and foster a positive work environment that benefits everyone.

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