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Springboard to the career

Springboard to the career: This is how the AlphaConsult Group promotes employee success

We would like to demonstrate the added value that our partner companies, as well as employees, can derive from temporary employment. As a self-financed family business, we have been constantly developing our specific industry knowledge since 1982 in order to facilitate targeted matches between employers and employees.

In doing so, we unite eleven strong brands under one roof, which, due to their specialization, can optimally adapt to the needs of our partner companies – be it in medical, commercial, aeronautical, student or many other areas.

But what makes staffing and temporary employment so valuable for your own career?

– Diverse opportunities:

The AlphaConsult Group opens the door to a wide range of job opportunities. Employees can work in different industries, develop new skills and expand their expertise. We help them find the perfect employer to match their goals and interests. At the same time, our experienced recruiters provide advice to our diverse partner companies and colleagues with their specific industry knowledge.

– Flexibility and freedom:

Temporary employment allows flexibility and freedom in your career. You have the opportunity to take on projects in different companies, broaden your horizons and gain valuable experience. The AlphaConsult Group ensures that the assignment opportunities of the clients we serve fit the personal needs and circumstances of our employees.

– Networking and Contacts:

Temporary employment is a valuable tool for networking and making contacts. You get to know people from different companies and industries, expand your professional network and thus increase your own chances for further career opportunities. In this regard, we actively support you in building and maintaining your professional relationships.

– Career springboard:

Recruitment is not to be underestimated, because it can give the decisive career boost! By working in different companies you can prove your skills, increase your value on the job market and enrich your resume with valuable experience. In this respect, we always strive to support our talented employees in their career advancement.

With all of these benefits, our focus is always to identify precise matches by placing and assigning highly qualified employees to partner companies that are a perfect fit for their team.

Overall, recruitment through the AlphaConsult Group offers a win-win situation for all parties involved.

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