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AlphaConsult Group is a partner company for Ärzte ohne Grenzen

As a family business with over 40 years of history, it is a matter of course for us to act sustainably and to take responsibility. This applies not only to all our employees, but also to society and the environment. We are social through and through and live an appreciative company culture in which every employee is valued regardless of origin, religion, sexuality, political opinion or gender identity. Diversity and equal opportunities are not just words for us, they are established values in our company.

As humanitarians, we are committed to social projects beyond the boundaries of our family business and to helping people in need worldwide. In 2023, the AlphaConsult Group will once again support the aid organisation Ärzte ohne Grenzen as a partner company with a donation.

Our contribution to global emergency aid

Every year, Médecins Sans Frontières treats around nine million people in war and crisis zones and supports those affected by epidemics or natural disasters. The teams of volunteer doctors are deployed all over the world and provide help quickly, efficiently and unbureaucratically – wherever it is urgently needed. Every day, they save lives, ensure that malnourished children in developing countries receive clean water and food, and contribute to better medical care.

Currently, around 700 MSF volunteers alone are working in Ukraine to provide medical support during the war raging there. The volunteer teams are training staff in the local hospitals, evacuating patients from overcrowded clinics and taking them to mobile care stations where they treat the injured and sick and provide them with medicines.

In Pakistan, violent floods flooded more than 70 percent of the country in the summer of 2022. The damage caused by the huge amounts of water is enormous and continues to this day. Since then, Médecins Sans Frontières has been providing medical care on the ground in mobile clinics and making clean water as well as first aid and hygiene kits available to people in affected regions.

Did you know that such natural forces are triggered by global warming? The climate crisis and natural disasters are closely linked. For this reason, it is not enough for us to just make a financial contribution with a donation. Within the company, AlphaConsult Group also focuses on sustainable management that works economically and ecologically. We continuously optimise our digitalisation processes and also involve our client companies – for paperless and environmentally friendly work processes.

We avoid unnecessary business trips and network with our employees and customers digitally – video and telephone conferences make it possible. And if we do have to travel, public transport is our first choice, along with our own modern fleet of vehicles. Hybrid vehicles and electric cars are the future! We are therefore gradually upgrading our fleet with hybrid vehicles and keeping the distances to our customers short. In this way, we minimise our CO₂ consumption and protect the environment.


Without financial aid, these and many other missions by Doctors Without Borders would not be possible. It is a matter close to the heart of the AlphaConsult Group to support the humanitarian aid organisation with a generous donation and thus make our contribution to society – even outside our family business.

It is often possible to make a contribution to society and the environment even with small means. Sometimes all it takes is a friendly smile, active listening or doing without unnecessary paper production in the office. But we also like to take bigger steps, because helpfulness and caring are in our blood – and this is not only reflected in our daily work.

Frequently asked questions

What does Médecins Sans Frontières do?

The aid organisation Ärzte ohne Grenzen provides humanitarian and emergency medical aid in war and disaster areas, saving lives all over the world. Volunteer doctors provide basic care for patients, equip them with clean water, food and medicine, and perform surgical procedures.

Who finances Médecins Sans Frontières?

Médecins Sans Frontières is financed exclusively by donations

Does AlphaConsult Group attach importance to sustainability?

A resounding yes! The issue of sustainability and the protection of our environment are close to our hearts. For this reason, we work economically and ecologically and constantly optimise our internal company processes – for example in the area of digitalisation.

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