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How significant is 27%? More than just a number!

How significant is 27%? More than just a number!

If you look at the colourful range of the working population in Germany, one fact stands out clearly: the impressive diversity in all areas. But what would happen if a quarter of this labour force suddenly disappeared?

If the 27% of the labour force with a migrant background were suddenly gone, an important pillar of our society and economy would disappear. For decades, these people have been an integral part of the success of countless companies and industries.

A look at the statistics illustrates the scope of this scenario: a recent study by the Federal Statistical Office, Microcensus 2022, shows that our system would be shaken without the contributions of people with a migrant background.

Together with the DIHK, we would also like to set an example. We want to make it clear what the consequences would be if we were to give in to extremist voices. A collapse of our system would be inevitable.


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