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About Us
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Alpha sticks together and colourfully in #Zusammenland!

Alpha sticks together and colourfully in #Zusammenland!

At Alpha, diversity is more than just a word for our image. We cultivate our values internally and externally in equal measure. Why? Because humanity stands for all of us. No matter what culture, origin, gender, skin colour, faith or sexuality, we are all human beings and so we should all support each other!

Udo Lutz, CEO of the AlphaConsult Group, undoubtedly stands behind these values: “It has always been important to me not only to accept diversity in my company, but to live and promote it. Because people are different, that’s what makes us different. Discrimination and racism have no place at Alpha, and they shouldn’t anywhere!”

That is why we, along with 500 other companies, foundations and associations, are determined to spread the message “#Zusammenland – Diversity makes us strong” as loudly as possible around the world.

Mutual respect and cosmopolitanism bring us together and create a community that we want to live in. After all, how boring would the world be if we couldn’t look outside the box?

At Alpha, we want to live in a colourful world that celebrates diversity instead of rejecting it.

“Alpha wouldn’t be Alpha without diversity! That’s why we will never be on the grey side of the world. Inclusion is important to me and exclusion will never be tolerated, there is no debate.” – Udo Lutz

Be loud and don’t give discrimination and racism a chance! #WirsindAlpha , we live in #Zusammenland!

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