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From challenges to opportunities: Alpha-Med management conference February 2024

From challenges to opportunities: Alpha-Med management conference February 2024

Alpha-Med’s first management conference in 2024 took place from 26-29 February in Frankfurt (M.).

Participants included the division management, regional and branch managers and the marketing team. 

The conference began with a warm welcome from Mr Ingo Wiegers, Division Manager of Alpha-Med KG, and the introduction of the new Alpha-Med faces in Germany and Austria. His presentation at the start of the year focussed on the strong growth and development of the group of companies as well as facts and figures for the 2023 financial year. He took the opportunity to express his thanks to a strong and valuable team. This was the only way to make the many store openings possible.

The overall economic situation in Germany clearly shows how unsettled and in some cases problematic the general business and sentiment situation is on the customer side. Political measures and guidelines are also having a dampening rather than a favourable effect.

These “turbulent times” also represent opportunities and challenges. At Alpha-Med KG, too, upheaval and expansion must be supported and positively promoted by all managers.

With the popular workshop formats of SWOT analysis and collegial counselling, the two days of group work were very productive and intensive. The aim was to further strengthen the strategic and operational development of managers, create perspectives, utilise potential and bundle synergies. Valuable practical tips were developed on how to act effectively in difficult situations and support each other at the same time. 

The presentation by Mr Udo Lutz, CEO of the AlphaConsult-Group, was also eagerly awaited. The future challenges combined with prudence for economic development in Germany, in our industry and the statement “We can do this together” are confident and promising

The team spirit and enthusiasm in both workshop formats was great and very dynamic. The messages emphasised the importance of open communication, a flexible way of working and the ability to adapt to new circumstances and challenges.

The managers ended the conference with a positive feeling, new insights and impulses. They are invigorated and energised to achieve their goals and work successfully with their teams.